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 +====== ssmp ======
 +ssmp is a highly optimized message passing library built on top of the cache-coherence protocols of shared memory processors. It exports functions for sending and receiving cache-line-sized (or bigger) messages. ​
 +ssmp was first developed for the [[tm2c|TM2C]] software transactional memory. \\
 +ssmp is now a part of the [[ssync|SSYNC]] synchronization suite.
 +===== Details =====
 +ssmp uses cache-line-sized buffers to efficiently exchange messages between cores. Ideally, a message transfer is as expensive as a single cache-line transfer. To achieve this ssmp collocates the flags used to synchronize message exchanges with the actual data.
 +===== Code =====
 +You can get a copy of the source code of ssmp at: [[https://​github.com/​trigonak/​ssmp]]