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 +====== Reducing Duplication of Messages in Gossip-based Dissemination Algorithms ======
 +**Semester project**
 +Gossip-based dissemination algorithms inherently duplicate messages to guarantee a very high level of reliability even in case a large number of peers fail. The duplication of messages has a cost in case of very reliable links, as many messages are received more than once by every peer.
 +We would like to experiment how one can reduce the duplication of messages by still guaranteeing a good reliability in the system.
 +The solution we want to experiment with is to bundle, with the message, which peers have already received the message in order not to contaminate them again.
 +In this very naive solution, the information for knowing "which peers received the message"​ will grow exponentially as big as the system, which we want, of course, to limit.
 +We want thus to experiment "what kind of information"​ to bundle, finding an optimal trade-off between the size of information to bundle (thus the overall bandwidth used) and the number of total duplicated messages in the system.
 +**Language:​** Java
 +**Responsible:​** [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​mmonod|Maxime Monod]]
 +**Project intended for 1 student**
 +Le superviseur parle aussi français...