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 +====== Transactional Video Games ======
 +**Master project**
 +Students will build a parallel version of an open source video game
 +using latest concurrent programming
 +technologies---Software Transactional Memory (STM). Video games
 +have been identified as software that could greatly benefit
 +from the STM paradigm as processor manufacturers
 +make turn to multi-core chips. The focus of the project will be on
 +making simulation parts of a selected video game parallel, as opposed
 +to graphical processing which is already parallelized in
 +specialized graphical processors. Some of the games
 +whose source is freely available are: Corewar, Tierra, Crobots,
 +Globulation,​ Liquid War, XBattle and PokerTH. We are also
 +open to suggestions from students, as long as the games are
 +freely available in source form and allow to somehow measure
 +performance of the synchronization mechanism.
 +**Language:​** C/C++
 +**Responsible:​** [[http://​people.epfl.ch/​aleksandar.dragojevic|Aleksandar Dragojevic]]
 +**Project intended for 1 student**