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 +====== Live web video stream ======
 +**English version:​**\\
 +**Master project**
 +At LPD, we developed a Java peer-to-peer standalone client that can receive live video stream from a single source with the use of [[http://​www.videolan.org|VLC]]. We would like to port our client to work:
 +  * in/with a browser and a video plugin (e.g., vlc plugin for mozilla)
 +  * with a dynamic set of sources (the client subscribing to a channel in a list of channels)
 +  * dynamically adapting the quality of the video (i.e., stream rate) depending on the number of viewers and their upload capabilities
 +**Languages:​** Java & Web
 +**Responsible:​** [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​mmonod|Maxime Monod]]
 +**This project is intended for 1 student**
 +Le superviseur parle aussi français... ​