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 +====== Event Workload and Churn Generators ======
 +**Semester project**
 +The goal of the project is to implement two generators for an arbritrary network size //n//:
 +  - a churn generator based on churn information that will be retrieved from a (very large) database, from an existing program and from online data (Gnutella/​Napster [[http://​www.cs.washington.edu/​homes/​gribble/​papers/​mmcn.pdf|traces]]). Churn is a measure of the numbers of peers that join and leave the system.
 +  - an event workload generator that will generate //n// (network size) event workload depending on general well known distributions (e.g., we want that the overall distribution of all peers follows a gaussian law, how many events should peer //i// send?). Distributions (e.g., Uniform, Zipf,...) will be applied to peers (e.g., some peer will send more events than others) and to event //types// or content (e.g., there will be more events of type ''​soccer''​ than of type ''​golf''​)
 +**Language:​** Java
 +**Responsible:​** [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​mmonod|Maxime Monod]]
 +**Project intended for 1 student**
 +Le superviseur parle aussi français...