Event Workload and Churn Generators

Semester project

The goal of the project is to implement two generators for an arbritrary network size n:

  1. a churn generator based on churn information that will be retrieved from a (very large) database, from an existing program and from online data (Gnutella/Napster traces). Churn is a measure of the numbers of peers that join and leave the system.
  2. an event workload generator that will generate n (network size) event workload depending on general well known distributions (e.g., we want that the overall distribution of all peers follows a gaussian law, how many events should peer i send?). Distributions (e.g., Uniform, Zipf,…) will be applied to peers (e.g., some peer will send more events than others) and to event types or content (e.g., there will be more events of type soccer than of type golf)

Language: Java

Responsible: Maxime Monod

Project intended for 1 student

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