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-  * [[education/​ca_2018|Concurrent Algorithms]] (theory & practice)+  * [[education/​ca_2019|Concurrent Algorithms]] (theory & practice)
   * [[education/​da|Distributed Algorithms]] (theory & practice)   * [[education/​da|Distributed Algorithms]] (theory & practice)
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-  * **Distributed computing using RDMA and/or NVRAM**: contact ​[[https://​people.epfl.ch/​igor.zablotchi|Igor Zablotchi]] for more information.+  * **Distributed computing using RDMA and/or NVRAM.** RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) allows accessing a remote machine'​s memory without interrupting its CPU. NVRAM is byte-addressable persistent (non-volatile) memory with access times on the same order of magnitude as traditional (volatile) RAM. These two recent technologies pose novel challenges and raise new opportunities in distributed system design and implementation. Contact ​[[https://​people.epfl.ch/​igor.zablotchi|Igor Zablotchi]] for more information.
   * **[[Distributed ML|Distributed Machine Learning]]**:​ contact [[http://​people.epfl.ch/​georgios.damaskinos|Georgios Damaskinos]] for more information.   * **[[Distributed ML|Distributed Machine Learning]]**:​ contact [[http://​people.epfl.ch/​georgios.damaskinos|Georgios Damaskinos]] for more information.